Fahlbusch Industrieberatung

Dr. Martin Fahlbusch
Muehlenweg 18
30938 Burgwedel-Wettmar

Fon: +49 5139 9509-185
Fax: +49 5139 9529-114

Fahlbusch Industrieberatung

Here is a range of our projects:

  • Support of an OEM Joint-Venture during the product development process
  • Assessment of capacity requirements
  • Strategic reorientation of an OEM's production planning
  • Analysis and optimisation of a pre-assembly system
  • Project management support for an automotive supplier
  • Value stream optimisation of pre-assembly systems for an OEM
  • Cost optimisation for a sports car project for an OEM
  • Cost reduction programme of fuel system components
  • Concept and installation of a cost engineering division for one-off costs
  • Functional analysis and business processes optimisation for indirect business units
  • General structure planning for enterprises of different sizes and sectors
  • Planning and dimensioning of an engine pre-assembly
  • Optimisation of order processing for a supplier
  • Analysis and restructuring of elevator systems manufacturing
  • Concept development for establishing a division to enhance energy and resource efficiency in the company
  • Development and implementation of an investment management programme
  • M&A and PMI in the interest of both acquirer and seller in the context of asset deals

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