Fahlbusch Industrieberatung

Dr. Martin Fahlbusch
Muehlenweg 18
30938 Burgwedel-Wettmar

Fon: +49 5139 9509-185
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Fahlbusch Industrieberatung
Tailor-made solutions for the success of your company.

Our procedure – Your benefits

Look/Listen Analyse/Evaluate Plan/Design Implement Follow up
  • Initial audit – we do not present a solution unless we have understood the task
  • Holistic approach – seemingly obvious solutions may fit sometimes;
    it is better to have an open-minded attitude
  • Concepts – will follow only after a thorough analysis has been carried out
  • Potentials and risks – of the concepts are jointly evaluated
  • Implementation – can only be successful, if the individuals concerned understand the meaning and purpose of the actions planned
  • Action plan – facilitates the realisation and provides measurable results
  • Implementation support – we will not leave you alone!