Fahlbusch Industrieberatung

Dr. Martin Fahlbusch
Muehlenweg 18
30938 Burgwedel-Wettmar

Fon: +49 5139 9509-185
Fax: +49 5139 9529-114

Fahlbusch Industrieberatung
Our Mission.

It goes without saying that only the best is good enough for our clients

  • Profitability enhancement for our clients
  • Solving of problems in a sustainable way in clearly defined areas
  • Supporting our clients through
      -   a high level of technical expertise
      -   many years of experience and
      -   field-proven methods
  • Down-to-earth approach and professional implementation
  • High interpersonal skills and connectivity on all levels

Only the best from us

  1. High Analysis Ability
    in identifying and assessing weak points
  2. Outstanding Transfer Ability
    in transferring good and appropriate solutions to different trades
  3. Strict Implementation Ability
    with the readiness to assume responsibility for the implementation of the outcome of the consulting approaches