Fahlbusch Industrieberatung

Dr. Martin Fahlbusch
Muehlenweg 18
30938 Burgwedel-Wettmar

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Fahlbusch Industrieberatung
Accept challenges.

Support to keep you at the top

Markets and customer requirements change, technological progress, price and quality are becoming a more and more important factor and at the same time, the resources available are dwindling.

In response to this, companies are facing the challenge to optimise their

  • Processes
  • Structures
  • Organisation
  • Products

and to adapt them to market and customer.

We provide suitable methods and tools and choose together with you the right approach to allow your company to achieve sustained success.

  • Business Process Optimisation
  • Due Diligence
  • Production Networking
  • Planning Processes
  • Planning of Staff Capacity
  • Restructuring

Business Development