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Fahlbusch Industrieberatung
Solving conflicts – Facilitating collaboration.

Principles of Mediation

For the mediant:

  • Responsibility:
    The mediants are responsible for the outcome.
  • Relevant Facts:
    Everything relevant to the outcome should be brought forward.
  • Binding Settlement:
    At the end of the mediation process the mediants enter into a binding settlement.

For the mediator:

  • Transparency:
    Everyone is informed at all times what is going on.
  • Impartiality:
    In no situation should the mediator take sides. He is bound to finding the best solution.

For all parties involved:

  • Voluntary Participation:
    All parties involved take part voluntarily and may back out at any time.
  • Confidentiality:
    The parties are obliged to non-disclosure of any information from the mediation to the outside.
  • Participation:
    Mediation lives from active participation.
  • Open outcome:
    There is no presupposed outcome.